All About Me


I’m Claire and it’s so nice to meet you. 

I’m a writer, or at least I’d like to be. I’m halfway through the first draft of a novel, but I wanted somewhere to put all the other stuff that passes through my head. 

Life is busy, I have two young children, a cat and a dog and a long suffering husband, and as we try to fit everything in, I find that I’m drawn to a simpler life. One where we can have the freedom to enjoy life without getting bogged down with the unimportant. 

I regularly have to battle the urge to chuck out all our stuff, sell the house and move into a van. This may still happen but there are plenty of things to be getting in with in the meantime. 

So, mental health, parenting, travel and Devon adventures will all make an appearance here, alongside our family efforts to simplify, live more sustainably, and find some balance. 

Glad to have you here. 

Love Claire xx