A love letter to my body

I’m as guilty as anyone of taking my body for granted. I don’t particularly hate it but I often don’t love it either. I don’t look after it very well. Today I want to spend a bit of time with my body, appreciating it.

To my feet… You are quite nice. You carry me wherever I need to go and you rarely complain. Your skin can sometimes be a bit rough but that shows me how hard you work. You love a bit of nail polish and a lovely comfy shoe so I promise to try to appreciate you more.

To my legs… I’m sorry I don’t show you off more. I’m sorry that I hide your hairiness under jeans and leggings all the time. I’m sorry that I’m ashamed of your varicose veins and stretch marks. I’m sorry I’ve wished you were longer. You also work really hard carrying me wherever I need to go and you are strong and powerful. I promise to try to enjoy you more. I will give you some moisturiser occasionally and I will look fondly on the veins and stretch marks as badges of honour for those two babies.

To my bum… I do love you. You look great in jeans and you are so comfy to sit on.

To my tummy… You are the bit I struggle with the most. I find it hard to like the pouch that hangs over my c section scar. But my children love your wobble and as I’m not willing to give up food I promise to learn to love it too. I will celebrate the miracle that is growing babies and how my body gave them everything they needed for 9 months.

To my boobs… Well what can I say. You look fabulous in a bra and there’s certainly a lot of you. I promise to buy some new underwear that celebrates your magnificence!

To my arms… Thankyou! You work harder than anything. And I’m asking more of you every day. You are capable of picking up the children. You pick up all the stuff. You help me to hold my children close. You allow me to touch my husband. You give great hugs.

To my hands… You are covered in scars from cooking. You are often cracked and dry. I definitely don’t appreciate you enough. You help me to feel the softness of my children’s skin. You hold their hands. You write and paint and draw and I will soon be asking you to help me to sew. I must give you some more love, the occasional moisturising, some pretty paint.

To my back… You have had a rough time and you complain the most when I’ve overdone it. I’m working on strengthening you and supporting you so that you can carry on keeping me upright.

To my hair… You are so thick and I know I complain about you but I love you really. I’m lucky to have thick, shiny, healthy, not grey hair and I promise to take a moment and enjoy you.

To my face… I know that sometime I struggle to look at you. When I’m not well that’s something that goes. But today I have looked properly and you are quite nice. Your skin is clear and not too old looking. Your eyes are bright and a lovely colour with great eyelashes. Your nose could be smaller but I wouldn’t change it. You occasionally send me a chin hair or two to deal with but that can be quite satisfying! Overall you are a nice face. People like it and it’s belongs to us. No one else has it so I love it for its uniqueness.

To my insides… I’m guilty of spending way more time worrying about the what the children, the dog and the cat eat than what I feed you with. I’m sorry for that. I promise to pay more attention to what you need. You deserve more than leftover fish fingers for dinner. A bit less wine and a bit more water. A bit less sugar and a few more vegetables. I promise that I will love you more.

To my whole body. You are amazing. Its astonishing what you can do all day every day without any conscious input from me. I know I haven’t appreciated you but I really am going to from now on. I love you.

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