10 reasons to spend half term in Scotland (when we live in Devon)

1. Being asked a million times if we are there yet is super fun.

2. A night in a family room of a travelodge with 2 children and the dog is the height of luxury.

3. Paying huge amounts of money for bad motorway services food is the best way to start your holiday. Especially when the little darlings don’t eat it (bit of a theme this holiday actually).

4. Four seasons in an hour means that we had the joy of packing every coat we own.

5. The mist and fog means that we get to imagine the scenery rather than actually see it.

6. Its such a joy watching how excited the children get when cbeebies is also on holiday telly.

7. You get to look hopefully at the pile of books you brought with you while the children demand every second of your time.

8. The kids tablets that you bought for the journey means damaging your neck as you turn around a million times to fix it when they have clicked away from their film. Such fun helping them.

9. You get to spend a million hours in the car listening to toy story from the back because little boy won’t wear his headphones. Love you Buzz and Woody.

10. It’s the best feeling when you realise that the stuff you meant to download on Spotify didn’t download so you are limited to listening to the Moana soundtrack or inappropriate podcasts.


1. Scotland is stunning. We are staying near Oban and the combination of mountains and sea is awe inspiring and good for the soul.

2. Long drives mean that my husband and I actually get to talk.

3. We are spending some quality time together as a family.

4. We are slowing down and relaxing.

5. We get to see friends that we haven’t seen for 2 years.

6. We are staying in a castle. Well an annexe of it but it’s the coolest place ever.

7. Going so far away from home really helps put some emotional as well as physical distance between us and our shit.

8. Driving such a long way means that you are allowed to eat as many haribo as you like (just don’t let the children see or they will reject those vegetable containing, bear paws, fake sweets faster than you can say “no we aren’t there yet!).

9. The autumn colours are utterly spectacular here.

10. It really is so beautiful here that it is almost overwhelming. There are incredible views everywhere. And when that sun breaks through… Its completely worth it.

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    1. It is! I would highly recommend. X

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