A letter to my friends

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.
Jim Morrison

When I was a teenager through to my twenties I thought that friendship was hard. That you had to stay on your toes, make sure that you were 100% available and that you always gave your best self to that person. And I got hurt, a lot, when I didn’t feel like my friends were doing the same for me. 

How wrong I was. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I only needed to be me, the real me. Good and bad, happy and sad, vulnerabilities and all. I would have saved myself so much effort and I would have found my tribe so much sooner. 

I am so lucky now that I have. I have a group of wonderful friends who I want to say thank you to. 

To my lovely friends,

Thankyou for caring about me, loving me, being there for me and not expecting anything in return. 

Thankyou for not running away when I’m not at my best, and when I share some of the crazy stuff in my head. 

Thankyou for noticing when I’ve cleaned the house and for not judging when I haven’t. 

Thankyou for letting me complain about my life and understanding because you know that I am grateful for all that I have, I just need to let off steam sometimes. 

Thankyou for seeing me, and everything that I am. Not just a mummy or a wife but a woman who is a lot of different things. 

Thankyou for supporting me whenever I start up with a new scheme, and coming along for the ride (or swim!)

Thankyou for helping me connect with my past, present and future. 

Thankyou for loving my children and treating them as if they are your own.

Thankyou for the wine and gin.

To those friends I don’t see any more. Know that you are still part of my history and that you were important.

I have been lucky to meet some absolutely wonderful people and they are so important to me. I love you all and I’m raising a glass to you.

Love Claire xx

Have you told your friends how much they mean to you recently?

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