How to write about parenting while keeping our children’s privacy

Shortly after we had big girl, my husband and I made the decision to keep our family life private. The few photos we had uploaded to Facebook were deleted and we settled into parenting.

Fast forward 4 years and here I am trying to blog, navigate social media and work out all the stuff. I started blogging to help my mental health, to help me process my thoughts and get some clarity and it’s been brilliant. I love writing, and it turns out I’m not too bad at it and I’m tentatively starting to believe that I could actually make a living from it.

So the question is, if I want to make a living from writing, what should I write about? Cue lots of googling and reading about how to make money from blogging, niches and monetization. As ever, I want to do all the things, and am struggling to settle on one thing. Part of the problem is that my niche is actually parenting and family life. I have been working with children and families in various ways for 17 years, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, it’s what I’m good at. It’s also what I’m doing all day every day. I’ve been avoiding writing about it as I don’t really want to write about my children but is there a way? Can I write about parenting without compromising our families privacy?

I suppose one of the things to do it is to agree what the boundaries are. Big girl and little boy can’t consent to what I write about or to having their photos online, which means I have to do it for them. I have to balance my own interests with my job as a parent. I have to protect them. What might I write that would be a problem or upsetting to them in the future?

I can decide not to use their real names, or identify where we live but my blog is in my name, not exactly anonymous! I can decide not to publish any photos with faces in. I can enlist my husband as a proof reader and we can decide together. But at the risk of never getting started, I guess the only thing to do is write, and decide whether I am OK with what I have written being published.

Before I start though, I need to think of something else to call them. When I was pregnant big girl was Bean and little boy was Bug, so lets go with that for now.

I know everyone has very different views on putting their children online and I’d love to hear how you manage this. Comment below.

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