How Can I Help You?

I can give you time to breathe and space to think.

I invite you to get curious. Curious about your own experiences and how they have impacted your parenting. Curious about your child, and what is happening for them. Curious about what could happen if things change. 

After working with me, you will feel more confident in your abilities to make changes. Whether those are in your parenting, in your family routines, in your own lives. Those changes could make a world of difference and give you the life that you deserve. 

“To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.”

Michelle Obama

Individual Services

Working directly with parents, carers, grandparents and anyone else involved in a child’s direct network. This would involve a number of sessions, initially with a child’s primary caregivers but later sessions could involve other family members. 

Sessions are available online or in person depending on location. 

£70 per hour. 6 sessions for £399 . Payment by instalments possible. 

Group Programme

6 week bespoke group programme “Find your Village” centred around a particular need with an emphasis on making connections with other parents and accessing peer support. 

Groups are available online or in person depending on location.

£180 Payment by instalments possible.

Single Workshops

Individual and group one-off sessions on particular topics such as understanding anxiety, where to start with autism, highly sensitive children, making big decisions etc. 

I am also available for bespoke workshops in schools or workplaces. 

Workshops are available online or in person depending on location.

£100 for bespoke individual session. £30 per person for group session. Payment by instalments possible.

How it works

Initial Consultation

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to make sure that I can offer appropriate support. We would then decide on the best service for you. 


We will create a plan, deciding on group or individual sessions. We will decide together what you want to work on right now. 


We will meet regularly for  sessions, either in person or online, individually or in a group to work through the plan. 

Support & Accountability

Between sessions, I am able to provide support and accountability to help you stay on track and make progress towards your goals.

How I work

I help families make changes, get unstuck, find space in the overwhelm and work out how to move forward. By using therapeutic and trauma informed practices alongside coaching and mentoring techniques underpinned by these six core principles. I offer a nurturing and holistic service focussed on creating change.

I bring curiosity, joy and love to all of my work and I want to share what I’ve learnt with as many people who are interested in this kind of information and support as I can. If you would like to work with me please click here.  Please feel free to reach out. I will reach back.

What Will Happen


By working with me you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and gain a deeper understanding of what is happening for yourself, your children and your family. 


You will gain knowledge and understanding around child development, family systems and emotional wellbeing to give you a strong foundation in making decisions about your parenting. 


We will work together on skills and strategies and how to manage things when they come up, building confidence. You will feel able to manage whatever parenting challenges come up for you. 

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